Travel Musings – The Doors of Tallinn.

Over the years I’ve come to have a strange fascination with doors, one it seems that’s shared by quite a few. And it especially comes to the fore when I’m off on my travels. If I find a door that’s interesting (at least to me) I find myself taking a picture.

I saw some eye-catching doors when I visited Tallinn, Estonia a few years ago, and some images I just had to share.


But their allure is not just in the visual, it goes way beyond that I think.

Because when I see a door I wonder:

What secrets does it conceal? 

Who are the people who live and work behind it?

What do they do, think and feel? 

Why did they choose that particular door?

Can it tell me something about them, their personality, what they believe?

What statement are they trying to make?

But beyond that, a door is a clear point of transition from the inside to the outside, a passageway from one place to another. It can be both an entrance or an exit. It can keep us out or invite us in. We can use it to keep others out or welcome them in.

A closed door can symbolise the end, an opportunity lost, but the opposite is also true. It can represent a way out or forward, a new beginning, an opportunity newly opened to us.

A door can represent so many things.

There’s a quote that goes:

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” Flora Whittemore

Doors make me think of the choices that we are presented with in our lives. Do we close a door or throw it wide open? Do we hang back or do we go through? Do we even notice the doors in our lives?

Just some food for thought.

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