Do You Have Big Dreams? Don’t Make This Mistake.

How much of your life have you spent waiting?

You’re waiting till you have enough time and money. You tell yourself the kids need to grow up first. You’re waiting to feel ready. You side-line your dreams and goals, thinking that what you need is somewhere in the future, an opportunity that is yet to arrive. Yet the crazy thing is when those things show up, you say you need something else. Somehow, the time still isn’t right. 

I’ve been guilty of that too. 

For a long time, some areas of my life were on pause. I was unaware of it at the time but I’d been waiting for the right house to make that special home; waiting for the right guy to share my dreams and create beautiful memories; even waiting to be the right size to wear that special dress. I was holding myself back, just waiting for this mythical ‘ideal’ moment.

The day I realised what I was doing or rather not doing was liberating, it set me on a path of discovery and led to some of the best experiences of my life. But I still remember how it felt to be stuck in that mind warp where waiting didn’t seem an excuse. It was disguised as lots of good reasons why I couldn’t do something right then. 

The risk you take when you wait

Imagine waking up one day only to realise that while you waited, your life had passed you by. You look in the mirror and see grey hairs and a few more wrinkles and wonder where the time went. 

You look at your life and feel the bite of frustration.  As you reflect on missed opportunities and questionable choices, you taste the bitterness of regret. That amazing life you once dreamed about still remains out of reach.

Because here’s the thing. 

Perfection doesn’t exist. Life won’t always go to plan. There will always be someone who criticises and disapproves. With the good will come trials and challenges.

There will always be a reason not to do something.

It takes courage to go for what you want

Fear keeps you stuck thinking that you don’t have what you need so it will take courage to go forward. And courage doesn’t mean having no fear, it’s doing what you really want to do, even if it scares you to death.

It probably won’t be a straight road to your destination. You may take two steps forward then have to take one step back. You may get lost  as you try to navigate your way through.  But until you take that first step you don’t give yourself a chance.

“Courage isn’t about knowing the path, it’s about taking the first step.” – Katie Davis

There’s  good news though. It’s not too late. You can do something about it right now.

Do you have a big dream? 

Is it something you really want?

Don’t make the mistake of waiting to make it happen. 

Take action now.

You have everything you need to start.

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