Book Review: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Book: Big Magic

In this book, Liz Gilbert shares her unique perspective on creativity. She describes the mysterious nature of inspiration and the magical, mystical quality of ideas. Ideas, she says, that float around in the ether waiting for the ‘right’ person to bring them into being.

The book in a nutshell

Gilbert believes that contrary to what many of us think, we are all creative beings who have the ability to bring ideas to life. First, though, we need to let go of our stereotypical thinking of the artist or what we think creativity is. Instead we embrace creativity as our right in whatever form it comes.

The book is spiritual in a sense (perhaps too airy-fairy for some) but so grounded in practical tips for moving forward and taking action on what could be our deepest creative desires.

So how do we spark creativity in our lives and keep it fueled?

  • We follow our curiousity.
  • We become more open to ideas.
  • We approach ideas with playfulness and joy.
  • We make space in our lives for creativity
  • We don’t get hang up on perfection because we realise that getting it done is better than getting it perfect. As she describes it, ‘Perfection is just fear In really good shoes’.
  • We don’t get tricked into letting fear hold us back from putting our work out in the world.

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone who is struggling to express themselves creatively especially those who don’t think they are creative. Before I read this book I was convinced that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. After reading it I started to believe that I had a right to express myself. I stopped waiting and began to live more creatively, putting pen to paper and expressing myself however imperfectly.

Final thoughts

One of my favourite takeaways from the book:

‘Creative living is a path for the brave… When courage dies, creativity dies with it. ..fear is a desolate boneyard where our dreams go to desiccate in the hot sun.’ Elizabeth Gilbert

I left this book believing that not only could I write but I had interesting things to say. I started following my curiousity down strange trails that only served to inspire me.

If you know that there is a part of you still left unexplored and that you have gifts within that have yet to bear fruit. If you feel a deep yearning in your soul to let them out but you lack the courage to just go for it. If you’re looking for a nudge to take that first step then you need to read this book.


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