Inspired After Forty is a blog for women over forty who are ready to take charge in making the second half of their lives more purposeful, exciting and fulfilling.

A lot of my readers are women who left their dreams behind to focus on their responsibilities. They had family, work, and a long list of obligations to take care of.  Now in midlife, they feel stuck and wake up most days feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. They know deep down that it’s time for a change and that it’s time to make it happen.

Here on the blog you will learn how to cultivate a positive mindset to ageing and overcome the challenges that hold you back from making things happen. You’ll feel inspired to create the life of your dreams and find actionable tips and strategies for making that transformation.


A bit about me

Hi, I’m Tessa and it’s great to have you here. I’m a midlife mom and Technical Integration Lead at my day job. I started blogging over 7 years ago and what started out as a creative outlet has morphed into a personal development blog aimed at helping other midlife women figure out what they want and live happier lives.

You see, it wasn’t that long ago that I felt stuck. I realised that I was so busy catering to everyone else that I’d forgotten what was really important to me and so my journey of self-discovery began. Somewhere along the way I figured out my values and ignited my passions. I discovered the joy of solo travel and gave voice to a long lost yearning to write.

When I’m not writing or reading, I’m probably planning my next trip, watching football or practising my Spanish. I’m fascinated by ancient history, tales of mythology and the places they come from.  I tend to gravitate towards books about neuroscience, psychology and self-help but still can’t resist a good old-fashioned romance. 


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Remember, if your life isn’t what you want, you have the power to change it.  It’s never too late to create the life of your dreams.

Thanks so much for stopping by.